Welcome to my little piece of heaven, a place where you can find all information about me and my ongoing and finished projects. 

Listen and download my deep end music in high quality or read the latest story in the world of Ether. 


About ME

A 24 years old wandering soul, searching for my place in the world. Showed interest in a variety of different fields over the years and worked on several projects, some of which are showcased here, on this small piece of Internet.

I’m a book author, creator of the Ether universe, as well as my first book – The Book of Genesis. Currently working on two more books – a sequel to The Book of Genesis and a spin-off story on the world of Hydra, so keep your eyes open for that. 

Worked on various music projects with different artists throughout my life, producing several original songs. I’m also working on my first mini album, The Captain’s Log.

Amongst other interests are my love for Korean music and culture, as seen on my YouTube channel – Grimm’s Wanderlust. I’m also a member of the Croatian Wrestling Promotion (PHK), being one of the most prominent members as well as an ex-champion. 

I also love long walks on the beach and sunsets. If you want to learn more about me, feel free to explore.

Enter ether

The world of Ether is a place filled with conflict – different kingdoms looking to consolidate their place in the world. A planet of Hydra, home to the three continents, is about to be thrown into fire unlike anything ever felt before.

Kingdoms on the continent of Empiria, rich and well developed, are settling into their new era of political battles after a gruesome War of Mortals. Wise men have called this new era a golden age for the continent and all of the kingdoms on it. Little did they know there were forces, ghosts of the past, that would not sit idly and allow that to happen.

The tides of Fate are about to start turning in inexplicable ways, with the world of changes awaiting Hydra and the people on it.

deep end music




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