The world of Ether is a place filled with conflict – different kingdoms looking to consolidate their place in the world. The planet of Hydra, a beacon of life in the vastness of time and space, is about to be thrown into fire – tremors unlike anything ever felt before are about to echo across the three continents.

Kingdoms on the continent of Empiria, rich and well developed, are settling into their new era of political battles after the gruesome War of Mortals had been brought to an end. Wise men have claimed this to be a golden age for the continent, peace bringing prosperity to all of the remaining kingdoms.

Little did they know there were forces, ghosts of the past, that would not sit idly and allow that to happen.

When the tides of Fate start shifting, five strangers find themselves at the wrong place, at the worst of times. Five souls, unrelated one to another, brought together by the circumstances surrounding them.

Facing choices that do not befall ordinary people – will they be able to find it within themselves to work together and stand against primordial forces that have been waiting for hundreds of years for an opportunity to stand on the Hydra soil again.

This is the beginning of a new world, this is the book of Genesis.


Hydra is the home to beings and kingdoms in the Ether universe. A planet that revolves around Tal, a central beacon of light. There are three continents on Hydra: Oasis, Empiria and Celis. Each of the continents have their own leaders, kings and queens – as well as races that inhabit the area.

Empiria is one of the richest places on Hydra, with some of the most powerful kingdoms in the entire world. It is also the place of the most recent, devastating war that had engulfed Hydra – War of Mortals

It was the conflict that took place all over Empiria, pitting kingdoms against each other – with Elusia and Infernia being the main aggressors. The war culminated over the territory of Ascadia, a kingdom that had refused to actively participate in the conflict. It’s neutral position, however, spelled doom for them, as the was had decimated the territory to the point of the kingdom losing any presence and remaining only as a name, a neutral ground for the new age of peace.

Nowadays, Empiria is in the state of being rebuilt by its people.

Documents regarding the world of Hydra will be released in the near future, an Etherian Lore for all interested in the world and its shape.


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